Criminal defense lawyer (Munich)

Thomas Hummel defends you as a criminal defense lawyer in Munich.

Thomas Hummel defends you as a criminal defense lawyer in Munich.

Thomas Hummel works as a criminal defense lawyer in Munich. He speaks English fluently and will be happy to represent your case out of court as well as in court.

Being accused of a crime is always an unpleasant and fightening situation. The German penal code comprises many crimes that are unfamiliar to foreigners. Especially, if you don’t speak German, you may soon feel lost in a criminal procedure.

Thomas Hummel, lawyer from Munich, is willing to help you cope with this mishap. He speaks English at an advanced level and is willing do the whole communication in English. Whether you are a mother-tongue speaker or speak English as a foreign language, it will be much easier for you than having to write or speak German.

Thomas Hummel has worked on behalf of many defendants in many different situations. So your case will generally be nothing new to him. Of course he will concentrate on the very special circumstances of your case.

A first discussion of your case by phone, e-mail or messenger is generally free. A personal consultation at his office can be obtained at a reasonable price.

With a competent lawyer at your side, you won't feel lost before a German court.

With a competent lawyer at your side, you won’t feel lost before a German court.

There are many possibilities in German law to resolve a criminal case without a formal trial. Fines can be imposed by mere written decisions („Strafbefehl“), avoiding a public display of your alleged crime. Also, a case can be dismissed by the prosecutor because it isn’t serious.

If you are a foreign citizen, consequences for your right to stay in Germany might occur. Those have to be tackeld early in the procedure in order to avoid any risk.

The German law is also very strict regarding imprisonment before the trial („Untersuchungshaft“). When the defendant is expected to flee, to destroy evidence or to influence witnesses, he can be arrested. Often, he has to stay in prison until the final verdict. Bail is very ununsual in Germany.

Thomas Hummel represents you in all stages of the procedure and tries to defend your case as good as possible. With a lawyer at your side you won’t feel as lost.

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